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Teviant Beauty

Teviant Beauty Sanitizer (200ml)

Teviant Beauty Sanitizer (200ml)

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There's no way we're letting you use your beauty products and everyday stuff without regularly disinfecting them! Teviant Beauty Sanitizer is specifically made to effectively kill germs and bacteria on all your grooming tools, personal belongings, and make-up products without damaging their formulation.

Teviant Beauty Sanitizer also helps kill odor causing microbes and leaves your stuff smelling fresh. It is quick drying and has a non-sticky formula --- perfect for all your make-up products and tools, hairbrush, eyewear, facemask, and pouches.

How to use

One spritz for germ-free belongings! Hold Teviant Beauty Sanitizer directly 6 inches away from surface then mist once. Spray it anywhere and on any kind of surface. Safe for regular use.

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